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Seeing ‘The Big Picture’ with AFFKT

Seeing ‘The Big Picture’ with AFFKT

We’ve had the pleasure to chat with Marc alias AFFKT, a producer, DJ, owner of ‘Pobla’ mastering & mixing studio and head honcho of the Sincopat label. A pretty exhaustive list of activities to deal with, but all we can say is that Marc and his team successes in all the items, running everything smoothly and with a bright smile on the cheeks.
Hi Marc, how are you doing? Thank you for taking your time to chat with us!:) 

Nice to chat with you, it’s always a pleasure!


We’ve recently teamed up for a feedback session. Is there any common feature that you are seeing in the music that is being produced these days by emerging artists? Anything special to mention?

Yes, the Feedback Session with Hello Demo was great. The truth is that more and better music is being made, many demos come to the label and the truth is that generally a lot of the music that comes to us sounds to me as if they were songs that I had already heard. I think that novice artists try first, how it is normal to copy their references, but the vast majority of times it is missing to receive demos with their own hallmark. On the other hand, it is also true that sometimes very special things arrive, perhaps not completely elaborated or well finished. I think the key to making a demo stand out is finding a good balance between concept, technique and execution.


So now, straight to the point: Your album ‘The Big Picture’ has just gone out on Mobilee Records. Huge congratulations!
What can you tell us about the album?

I feel it as my most special and personal album to date. The songs on the new album hide unforgettable moments of my life condensed in sound capsules, a lot of sensations and memories. A colorful and eclectic story, full of details that I hope the listener will enjoy and will not leave him indifferent.


You’ve been collaborating for quite some time with Sutja, It’s been already 10 years since your first release together. (correct me if I’m mistaken). Have to say his voice and the new wave/eclectic vibes sound like a perfect combo!

Well yes, it seems that it was yesterday when fate made us meet. Sutja is more than a friend, he is like my little brother and we always enjoy working together, on both his and my projects. I don’t think it was premeditated, we have been doing a very similar style since the first collaborations, his voice has so much personality, and it blends so well with my music that I also think that collaborating together we make a great combination.


On the other hand, there is a fresh collab – a remix by Santiago García. How did you guys come together?

We met through Jose aka Upercent, you know what they say that my friends’ friends are my friends, haha, well, in this case, it is totally true.

He seems to me as a very talented artist with a great ability to observe his surroundings and that is a very good thing when making music. One day we were in the studio mixing songs for the first EP of their label, Interpret,  when Santiago listened to ‘Let It Burn’ and told me that he liked it so much that he wanted to make a remix. Soon after he sent me his reinterpretation of the song and the people of Mobilee loved it, so we decided that this original of ‘Let It Burn’ together with its remix would be the first great single from the album.

‘Inspiration can come from everything that surrounds me: a person, a place, a situation, a good meal, a good wine or a great movie, etc … the important thing is that whatever it touches your soul and leaves you less or to a greater extent some trace on you.’
It’s already your 3rd studio album – do you feel there was a difference, an evolution of your creative process?

I think that when I work on an album I get carried away more than with a single / EP or a remix in which I usually have a clearer idea of where I want to go. The process of working on such a project implies, at least for me, getting lost in the depths of yourself to discover the way of how to tell a coherent and honest story. There are many songs that finally were not part of the album, others that led me to understand what could be missing or what could be left over. This album is very different from the previous ones, my first album ‘Punto 0’ was a conceptual project, looking for the essence and roots of my sound. With the second ‘Son Of a Thousand Sounds’, Son of a thousand sounds, I wanted to condense all my influences, which are many. With this, my third album, I feel like I no longer have such a need to explain who I am and where I come from. For me, working on ‘The Big Picture’ has had a lot of personal therapy in which, as I say, I have lost myself and have found myself again, until finally being able to make an album. I hope that when you finish listening to it, you want to hear it again.


Do you have any special routine when producing new music? Or do you just go back and forward to the studio as the ideas come?

I do not have a special routine, but after so many years I try to be aware of how I feel before putting on, if I feel that I am less creative, because I take the opportunity to do tasks that do not require being so inspired. I record a lot of material and then I keep only the best, I also process each sound a lot until I am satisfied with the result. And finally, I let each song sit for some time until my intuition tells me that the time has come to finish it and send it to the mix. Lately, I also write a lot of ideas that come up when I’m not in the studio so that I don’t forget them and put them into practice as soon as I return to a certain project. Right now I feel that I am in a process of change, finishing an album implies making a new point in your music. It is a good time to nourish yourself with new things, take up work techniques that you had parked or try new sounds.


On July 7, the 2nd single “Jandía” is released. Why the name? (Are you referring to the Canarian archipelago?) Do you feel any deeper connection with the place? What is your most frequent source of inspiration?

Exactly, Jandía is in Fuerteventura and of course, I had a very deep connection with the place, I am sure that everyone who has visited it will know what I am talking about. The thing about the names is difficult to explain, sometimes as is the case when visiting such a special place it evokes feelings that later inspire you to turn them into a song. Inspiration can come from everything that surrounds me: a person, a place, a situation, a good meal, a good wine or a great movie, etc … the important thing is that whatever it touches your soul and leaves you less or to a greater extent some trace on you.


The single also includes a remix of M.E.M.O., a name already known in Mobilee. Is this the first time that you are collaborating?

Anselmo aka M.E.M.O. and I met many years ago in Ibiza and have been in contact ever since. But this is the first time our names have come together in one release. The truth is I am delighted that someone with such talent has reinterpreted a song as special as Jandía, I think he has enjoyed it a lot and has put all the love that he normally puts into his music so the result is a sublime remix.


Hope that doesn’t bring any bad luck but is it your vision for the future? Where do you see yourself both personally and professionally in 5, 10 years and what message would you give to the Marc of the future? 🙂

Precisely this album talks about this, about telling what I was, what I am, and what I will be. To realize how ephemeral everything is and that time passes so quickly that it is better not to plan so much and instead enjoy the moment, the here and now. It is not premeditated that the album ends with a collaboration song with Piek, which refers to the great José Padilla and which is called ‘Goodbye Yesterday’.

(check the video below)

Now some quick questions:
Your latest artist discovery? 


Favorite piece of equipment?

Moog One

Favorite place to party?

Too many places to pick just one 🙂

Favorite place to relax?

El Mareny 

And….ultimate advice for new producers? (that you’d love to be told when starting your own career) 

Learn to listen to your music as if it were not yours, perspective is the most important thing when producing music!

Your label SINCOPAT is using Hello Demo for demo submission. Could you please tell our readers what sound are you currently looking for and how you prefer to receive it in terms of format?

This question is difficult, hehe, I do not think that I am clear about it and it is something that is evolving and defining day by day. But if I could say that we are looking for timeless music that does not leave you indifferent, that does not abuse clichés, and that is well worked and elaborated.

                          That’s all, thank U Marc!:)

Have you got a track that would fit the sound of Sincopat? Drop it here.
To stay up to date with Marc or grab your copy of ‘The Big Picture’, check his Hello Demo Click.

Seeing ‘The Big Picture’ with AFFKT

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