Compilation of winning remixes out on Sincopat!

Compilation of winning remixes out on Sincopat!

We’re thrilled to announce that members of our Hello Demo community had their chance to prove their talent and get released on a prestige label such as Sincopat.

‘Remixed 13’ is a compilation that resulted from our remix contest held together with the label earlier this year. Producers from over the world had the opportunity to give their twist on the head honcho’s AFFKT track Tarambana and we couldn’t be more excited about the outcome.

Although the initial idea was to include only one winning remix, but given the high quality of the submitted productions, the decision of including both the winner NEIR and all 4 finalists was clear. 

Once again it’s proven that Hello Demo teaming up for remix competitions opens the door for new talent that would otherwise not have the chance to show off what they can do with their remix.

Thank you Sincopat, so happy to have been part of it! Big congrats to all the winners and everyone who participated.


1. AFFKT – Tarambana – NEIR‘s Tunnel Vision Mix

2. AFFKT – Tarambana – MMYYLO remix

3. AFFKT – Tarambana – Odagled remix

4. AFFKT – Tarambana – Carlos Deutsch remix

5. AFFKT – Tarambana – Phi6 remix


Compilation of winning remixes out on Sincopat!

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