February 2, 2021 kataHD

Lorenzo de Blanck

‘Make the music YOU would play in your sets, not what you think other DJs would want to play.’

We are excited to bring you an interview with Lorenzo de Blanck, DJ, producer, and a rising star of the electronic music scene. We discovered Lorenzo through his bomb remix of ‘Music Please’ by Detlef, which was recently released as a result of our remix competition organized with Repopulate Mars.

Hi Lorenzo! How are you doing today?

I’m fine, thank you! 

Just recently I finished a remix I made for Stefano Noferini.


Tell us something about your musical journey, how did your passion for electronic music started?

I started playing on Sunday afternoons in clubs around my city, then I started becoming a resident in many clubs.

Before becoming a producer, I was only a DJ for many years. That is what allowed me to learn to read the dancefloor, to create my journey and bring the DJ set in the direction I want, even in long DJ sets of 4 or 5 hours. I started producing only in the last few years, at a time when I was not satisfied with the records coming out, I couldn’t find records that I liked 100% so I decided to make them myself. I released on Moon Harbour, Hottrax, Saved, Bedrock, Deeperfect, Elrow Music.

I won the Italian final of Burn Residency, a famous DJ contest that led me to play the world competition in Ibiza along with mentors as Carl Cox, Luciano, Pete Tong, Seth Troxler, Loco Dice and to play at Privilege, I.m.s. and Sankeys.


What would be your most important influences and inspiration? 

I have always been inspired by artists with an endless passion for music, in continuous research and who at the same time are serious professionals like Nic Fanciulli, Matthias Tanzmann, Jamie Jones. I started my career playing and collecting vinyl of sacred monsters like Louie Vega, Masters At Work, Carl Craig, Sandy Rivera, Danny Krivit and labels like Ibadan, Strictly Rhythm, Africanism, but also Kompakt, Minus, Cocoon.. And in Italy, I was inspired by Ralf,  DJ, who is the reference point of my country, and made many generations dance. I was always fascinated by his curiosity in all areas, from music to politics, to technology, this makes him the freshest of all. Every time he plays he has the passion of one who always does it like the first time.

Joseph Capriati, who these days is experiencing a bad time, I wish him to recover quickly.

He made me listen to his forthcoming new album in my studio a year ago, I remember how proud he was of every single track and how much passion he conveyed.

Leon, an artist always attentive and a great music researcher, a dear friend, one that makes people feel good around him. 

Marco Faraone, another friend of mine, and one of the most eclectic DJs I know.

Massimino, an icon of Italian club culture, with great taste and elegance in making DJ sets. All the DJs I mentioned have supported me in some way and for me, their recognition is a huge value that encourages me to do better and better.

‘Make the music YOU would play in your sets, not what you think other DJs would want to play.’


2020 was difficult for all of us and especially touring artists. How was it for you, anything you’d like to highlight?

All of us have been out of work for a year, it’s very hard. The hope that we will start again sooner or later is the only thing that keeps us alive.


You participated in our HdRemix by Repopulate Mars last year and made it one of the winners. How was the experience?

The only way to overcome the lockdown in a positive way was to keep my mind occupied creatively. It was an incredible pleasure when I learned that my remix was the winner.

I decided to remix “Music Please” by Detlef because it was one of those tracks that inflamed all the dancefloors, played by any DJ in the world. Detlef really is a hit-maker. It was a unique opportunity to introduce my sound to an audience that did not know me. To make this remix and win the contest has definitely made me live 2020 in a lighter way. Thanks for the opportunity!


If you could choose one track to remix in the future, which one would it be?

‘Believe’ by Jocelyn Brown, the first vinyl I bought and my favorite record ever for energy, melody, lyrics and hope. Every time I put the needle on that record something magical happens inside me.


Favorite place to play?

Cocoricò in Italy. I’ve played in the pyramid a few times, I didn’t see the energy in there anywhere else, and of course “Simple”, my party, my jewel.


Favorite piece of gear?

Maschine by Native Instruments.


Favorite artist you would love to share the stage?

Nic Fanciulli.


Ultimate advice for young producers?

Make the music YOU would play in your sets, make the track YOU would buy, not what you think other DJs would want to play.


Dream plan for 2021?:)

That the club scene will be able to start from scratch, that small clubs will reopen, small local business.

Let people start living in the clubs of their cities again, and from there, that a new club culture can be built with new rules, starting from zero.


That would be all, thank you for your time and best wishes for the upcoming year from the Hello Demo team! 🙂

To keep up with Lorenzo’s latest or to drop him some music, follow his Hello Demo Profile!