Label Account.

An all in one solution specifically engineered for labels to check their demos, build their releases, sign new music, discover new artists and ultimately build their catalogue while saving them time all along the way. The ultimate tool for music professionals.

Create & manage unlimited releases

Assign artists and team members to your release to easily build, communicate and share files among everyone.

System Exclusive

“Save to sign” tracks gives you an exclusivity to a track for up to 5 days for you to decide whether to sign it or let it go.

Sign tracks

Turn sent demos into signed tracks in a click. Signed tracks automatically show up in your releases to build with your team members.

Leave easy feedback

Leave feedback without ever writing a word with saved messages option.

All in one smart music inbox & player

All your incoming music in one convenient place. Your important artists always show up on top.

Team members

Get more done in less time. Manage your account by easily assigning members to your team.

HdBox access

For the first time ever, labels can browse unreleased and unpublished music by genres of their choice.

Perfect Match Request System

To avoid an overwhelming amount of requests from either labels and/or artists, a request from both parts must match for a label to be able to send music to an artist.

Snooze & Mute

Temporarily filter out unwanted artists from sending you music by simply snoozing them for 3 or 12 months.

Create groups

Create up to 5 groups with a maximum of 20 members to conveniently share to.

Additional inbox

Add and manage your other labels in an all in one easy-to-use account.

5 GB storage

5 GB of storage space to manage your releases.