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Humans behind Hello Demo #3 Katie Knight

Humans behind Hello Demo #3 Katie Knight

Humans behind Hello Demo #3 Katie Knight

Today we continue with another ‘Human Behind Hello Demo’ chat, this time with our dear, multifaceted PR Manager and content creator, Katie Knight.

What is your job at Hello Demo?

At Hello Demo I handle anything press-related as well as creating content for our web, socials and radio show.

3 fun facts about you that nobody knows?

1. I dance ballet 
2. I once pierced my friend’s ear when I was 13 and she fainted. I thought I had killed her.
3. The sound of something being pulled out of a freezer (that scraping sound when it scratches the frost) makes me cringe sooo much meaning I hardly ever get anything out of the freezer and I have no idea what’s in there.

Favorite ever track?

Inner City – Good Life


3 top tips on using Hello Demo?

1. Use your HD Click to promote yourself and share your link on all your social media profiles.
2. Use tracklinks to share music, even if they are not part of your Hello Demo network.
3. Send your upcoming music to our HD Radio channel! We’re always looking for new music to play on our show.

An artist to look out for?



What did you have for breakfast?

It depends but today I had a green smoothie with almond milk, avocado, pear and lots of different seeds and nuts!


What is your favorite way to relax after a busy day?

PJs on, make-up off, hair up, a glass of wine, a good book or film and some yummy food. Bliss!


The best thing about working at Hello Demo?

The amazing people I work with 💗

To contact Katie about Hello Demo or just to send her some music, you can do so through her Hello Demo Click profile hd.click/katie.knight

Humans behind Hello Demo #3 Katie Knight

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