Hello Demo

Hello Demo is back on the radio!

Hello Demo is back on the radio!

Hello Demo is back on the radio!

As of March 31st, Hello Demo is back on your airwaves! This time we will be part of Sexto Sentido, an underground culture program that revolves around electronic music on Loca FM.


Sexto Sentido will be made up of different collaborators and sections, one of them being Hello Demo, which will include interviews with some of the most important record labels in the music scene, will give visibility to new producers and DJs, information on what’s happening in the scene in Berlin and will include a cultural section about facts and figures that revolve around the underground culture.

On the Hello Demo section we will be sharing music that we have chosen from our HdRadio channel, giving space to new producers. So, if you’re a producer and would like the opportunity to be on our section on Sexto Sentido that airs every Wednesday at 10pm on Loca FM Valencia, send us your best track via Hello Demo music drop here. We can’t wait to hear your sound! 

Hello Demo is back on the radio!

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