February 5, 2021 kataHD

Humans behind Hello Demo #2

Mario Armas

We are back with our series about the humans behind Hello Demo, this time with our project manager Mario Armas, aka Super Mario.

What is your job at Hello Demo?

My job at Hello Demo is to connect all departments and plan company operations together with other team members.

3 fun facts about you that nobody knows?

I started listening to electronic music when I was 25 years old.

I love carnivals and even more to dress up.

I’m not bald, my hair is badly distributed.

Favorite ever track?

Cirez D – Advance

3 top tips on using Hello Demo?

Invite your friends and connect with them through your music.

Transfer all your music from your desktop to your mobile (connect the download folder of your computer to the SYNC folder of the HdSampler).

Have fun using Hello Demo!

An artist to look out for?

Emerging artist – Dorian Paic (Berlin)

What did you have for breakfast?

Toast and papaya, ginger & orange juice.

What is your favorite way to relax after a busy day?

Go for a run.

The best thing about working at Hello Demo?

Know that we are building something that will change the lives of producers and the way they communicate through music.

To contact Mario about joining Hello Demo or just to send him some music, you can do so through his Hello Demo Profile: https://hd.click/mario.sa