January 26, 2021 katieHD

Humans behind Hello Demo #1

Leo Corella

We’re buzzing to share with you a series of interviews with the humans behind Hello Demo, because (obviously) this platform doesn’t run by itself! First up, it’s one of our wonderful Label Relations Managers, Leo Corella.

What does your job at Hello Demo consist of? 

Label Relations Manager – getting new labels onto the platform and being their contact person for the onboarding process and for any help they might need with setting the account up.

3 fun facts about you that nobody knows

1. I love urban Latin music (aka Latin trap & reggaeton).
2. I was meant to be a lawyer but, after studying law for some years, I changed my mind and started working in the music industry.
3. I hate pigeons and seagulls.

Favourite ever track?

Impossible to pick only one but for sure it would be one by Massive Attack.

3 top tips on using Hello Demo?

1. (For artists) Use your shares wisely so check the labels you are sending music to beforehand to see if your music fits in what they are releasing/looking for.
2. Our Hello Demo Profile feature is an amazing way to promote and gather all your social links and latest updates (podcasts, interviews, releases, etc.) Don’t forget to add your Profile link (hd.click/yourlabel) to all the info sections on your social networks and website so it is visible to everyone.
3. Track links is the best way to share music with people outside the platform.

An artist to look out for:

Cora Novoa, Egosex and 070 Shake.

What do you have for breakfast? 

Ginger tea.

What’s your favorite way to unwind after a busy day? 

Having an after-work drink (or two) with my friends, work out (when I’m not feeling lazy), watching streams on Twitch, and cooking a nice dinner.

The best thing about working at Hello Demo?

We have all know each other for a long time before HD so it feels like being with my second family. The mood in the office is so cool!

To contact Leo about onboarding your label or just to send him some music, you can do so through his Hello Demo Profile: https://hd.click/leonardo.corella