Artist Account.

Hello Demo is the simplest way for music makers to share their work, build their network and get their music signed. A platform by musicians for musicians.

Unlimited shares to your network

No limits on the amount of tracks you can send to your contacts.

All in one Smart Music Inbox & Player

All your incoming music in one convenient place. Your important artists always show up on top.


Temporarily filter out unwanted artists by snoozing them for 3 or 12 months.

Multitrack shares

Do you have more than one track to send? don’t limit yourself to individual tracks, hello demo allows you to send up to 3 tracks with a single share.

Multitrack Share Values

1 Share up to 3 tracks outside of your network and HdBox.
2 Shares for up to 8 tracks outside of your network and HdBox.

Create up to 10 Groups

Include up to 20 of your contacts in each group to conveniently share to.

Create open chat groups

Great for bands and teams. Allow up to 20 contacts to interact within the group.

10 Open chat groups

Be part of up to 10 open groups where you can exchange files and opinions.

Your released music in your pocket

All your signed music through Hello Demo will automatically be compiled in one convenient place so you always have access to it.

System Exclusive

Send music to multiple places without conflict, creating urgency on labels to listen to your music. Once the label “saves to sign”, your track automatically disappears from the other label boxes until a decision is made (5 days).


Stay organised by adding personal written notes to your tracks so you never miss a beat.

2 GB storage

2 GB of storage space to better manage your uploads.

Receive feedback

Easily receive feedback from labels and artists outside of your network.

Private messaging system

Conversations stay within each track allowing you to stay on topic.

DJ´s love

Stand out with more
unreleased music.