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Argia wraps up the 2020 with her fresh release ‘Balada’

Argia wraps up the 2020 with her fresh release ‘Balada’

Argia wraps up the 2020 with her fresh release ‘Balada’

We had a quick chat with talented Spanish artist Argia, who has recently joined our Hello Demo family. Find out more about her fresh new EP Balada, the artistic outcome of the 2020.

Hi Helena, thank you for taking the time to chat with us. How are you today?

Hi, thanks for having me. I’m doing great.

Some readers may know you under your former name Helena Piti, why the change? 

Easy. Helena Piti didn’t make music, Argia is my personal project as a producer. Besides, when I started DJing I didn’t think very much about choosing an artistic name. That’s why I took the nick I had when I was a kid, my father used to call me Piti. So the natural step was to become Argia when I realized I had something special to tell, it was a question of personal growth.

In terms of your early musical influences, what made the biggest impact on your style as it is today?

Well, I think basically having a good hearing is the most important thing I kept from my early years at the Conservatory. Then I started listening to groups like The Cure, Depeche Mode, or Radiohead and this built my musical background. My favorite group is a Spanish rock band, Extremoduro, and I can say its harmonies have influenced me also.

The last few months have been very strange for us all due to Covid. How has the time at home been for you? Is there anything new that you have been working?

To be honest I haven’t noticed a lot of changes in those terms. I usually enjoy spending time with my family, I do sports at home and I love working on my music, and all of these things happen at home. We were in the countryside when lockdown and I can tell, the mood there was pretty different than in the city.

The worse thing was I didn’t have a proper studio there, so I had to work with headphones and after three months my ears hurt pretty much. But yes I made a lot of new music.

You’ve got a little daughter. Does she already show interest in music, seeing you produce at home? 

Totally yes! She loves singing and dancing and her sense of rhythm is just amazing. Being in contact with music since the very beginning is helping her with other things such as understanding other languages like English because she is building a good hearing. And she can enjoy quite different styles; jazz, classical, techno… She loves disco.

Your fresh EP Balada was just released on 21st of December on Asli Music, what can you tell us about it?

I’m very happy because this EP is pretty new. I can identify my current sound because the tracks have been made over 2020, which doesn’t happen every time. Usually, it takes quite long until the actual release and when the music comes out, you have mixed feelings.

Balada EP is fresh and was made in the lockdown. The three tracks are totally different from each other. “Balada” gets energetic techno disco things, “Empty Night” more warm percussion and sadness and “Ciudad Metal” breakbeats, intimate and strong feeling. The whole EP is well balanced, and the remixes by Yost Koen and Silicodisco, are really good.

In an interview that you did last year for whatmagazine.es, you spoke about how promoters sometimes feel the need to bring international artists to Spain instead of booking local artists to sell more tickets, making it harder for local artists to take the next step in their career. Do you think that after this long pause that we have had that this may change? 

I hope so. I believe in changes and even this terrible situation has a positive part. I believe that the gap between the big names and the small artists will be shortened. In addition, during all this time, artists have emerged and their position will be strengthened. I think everything will be more open and there will be more opportunities. What will determine that the local artists will shine again, will be if the promoters will know how to take the best advantage of them.

Artist discovery of 2020? 


Favorite piece of equipment?

Moog Sub 37.

Favorite place to party?

I enjoy very much daytime parties and if they happen in Berlin, much better.

Favorite place to relax?

I’m a countryside lover. I need mountains.

And….ultimate advice for new producers? 

Believe in yourself and create your own way. Don’t pay too much attention to others.

That would be all, thank you for your time and Happy Christmas!:)

Likewise 🙂

To always keep up with Argia, check Hello Demo profile in her Instagram bio, follow her or drop her some of your best music!

Argia wraps up the 2020 with her fresh release ‘Balada’

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