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A chat with Kurt Gaaso, the winner of Bushwacka! & MYT remix contest.

A chat with Kurt Gaaso, the winner of Bushwacka! & MYT remix contest.

Recently we’ve had the pleasure to chat with Kurt Gaaso, a multidisciplinary artist – photographer, videographer, music composer & producer based in Oslo, Norway.
Although having already a long music career back home in Norway, he became one of the biggest discoveries of the remix competition we organized together with MYT and Bushwacka!. His remix of Bushwacka!’s famous release ‘The Sound’ stood clearly out of the crowd and won a digital release as well as a spot in a special limited vinyl edition.
Hi Kurt, a pleasure to have you! How are you and what you’re up to these days?
Hi Kata, thanks so much for having me! I am doing great thanks, busy writing and producing music! Working on my own stuff and some others.


How’s your musical journey been like, was it always electronic music?
I have a long musical journey, it started with piano lessons when I was 6 yo. I come from a musical family so it was a natural thing for me.
I discovered electronic music (trance and progressive house) in my early twenties (not so long ago… 😱) and I fell in love with it.


You were a big discovery of the remix contest we organized together with MYT & Bushwacka. Congratulations again! How did you find out about the contest?
Thank you so much! That was mind blowing! I am a member of MYT and that’s where I heard about it. When I saw it was a Bushwacka remix I was really stoked about it, cause I have been a big fan of Layo & Bushwacka since I discovered the “Rising & Falling” album.


Could you tell us something about your workflow when remixing ‘The Sound’? Any special advice for our future remix contestants?
For me it’s really important to stick with what is right. My remix is totally out of the genre of the original track, but I wanted to put my vibe on it and bring my sound to it. I downloaded the stems and added some of them into my DAW which is Logic. Many times I am creating and atmosphere and a vibe I like and I had some ideas I wanted to try out with the track and after some hours that became the remix. I was really happy with the result of the mix. It was so far out from the original track that I didn’t think it would be considered at all. But then it won the digital release and is also included on the special edition vinyl release.


How would you describe the electronic music scene in Norway, any special names we should get to know?
The electronic music scene in Norway has grown a lot in the last few years. One big inspiration for me has been Röyksopp, those guys are phenomenal. I’ve always been drawn to the more melodic part of electronic music, which reflects in most of my productions.


What is your ultimate music career dream? If you could pick one favorite artist to collab with, who would it be?
At the moment my dream would be to have an album release on Anjunadeep. I totally love what they do and have for years. It would be lots of fun to collab with f,ex Franky Wah or Marsh to mention a few, there are so many great producers and artists out there.


That would be it, thank you for your time and best wishes for both your personal life & your music career!:)

Curious about Kurt’s winning remix? Head over to his Hello Demo profile – Click here 🙂 

In case you’d like to learn with the pro’s, check out Make Your Transition – a music institute and online community that offers courses and masterclasses from artists such as Patrice Baumel, Nick Muir or the founder himself, Paul Nolan.


A chat with Kurt Gaaso, the winner of Bushwacka! & MYT remix contest.

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