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22222 words with Sueezo

22222 words with Sueezo

Sueezo, Valencia-based DJ and producer reveals us the magic behind his first EP Jadees and his musical journey.
We can tell from the start that his talent, hard work and just the natural excitement he’s got for anything within the music will get him far in the industry and we wish him the best for this path.
Hello Sueezo, how are you? Congratulations on the EP!

– Hi guys! I feel great, very happy, very excited and feeling a lot of support from all the people. The truth is that my head’s in a cloud, I don’t know if this happens every time an album is released, because it’s my first release… but I sincerely hope YES! hahaha

Let’s start from the beginning – tell us a little about where your musical passion comes from, what was your path towards the electronic music?

– Where does my passion come from? I can’t tell you if it’s something that comes or is already in our DNA… But since I can remember it has been the main theme in my life. At only 5 years old I already had instruments, and my toys were a harmonica, an accordion or a drum kit (which came for my communion haha, I will never forget that red Yamaha).
My father had a music group and I imagine that had a lot to do with it…
From a very young age he used to take me to record stores and our Saturday afternoons were to discover new things that we would later share with my mother at home. I remember collecting American hip hop records when I was 11 years old, others about salsa, English pop rock, Spanish pop…
Electronic music came later with my first experience as a clubber. I had never paid attention to it before; It seemed like repetitive rhythms to me, without lyrics, without a message… I composed rap, so I thought that electronic music was just not for me. But then it happened… A friend and I decided to go to GURU, a club with light’s sessions for minors, I was about 15 years old at the time. And there the magic happened; we stayed all afternoon leaning on one of the pillars of the dance floor dancing non-stop, and I fell in love with that. I remember thinking; “wow, this music can have a very broad interpretation”, however the messages of rap, rock, salsa and other genres are usually very explicit.
And then everything changed.

Sueezo is your professional name, where does it come from and does it have any special meaning?

– For me Sueezo is more than my professional name. Every day my people call me that, and I feel more identified with that name than with the one on my birth certificate. As for its origin; Sueezo really is “Swiss” but with the two “EE” as the pronunciation of the letter “i” in English. Its origin is quite curious; Since I was little I was very versatile, as I have already said I composed rap, did graffiti, played various instruments (always very amateurish), did graphic design, danced… Etc… And my friends told me several times that it looked like a “Swiss Army Knife” for its many uses. Hahaha. I didn’t pay much attention then, but at a very important moment in my life and with feelings on the surface, my girlfriend at the time came to me with the same joke; “You look like a Swiss army knife”, and then I saw it clearly; SUEEZO, I think that describes very well who I am.

You are part of several reference projects in the city of Valencia – Oven, Spook, Discos Malvarrosa… looking at the scene from the inside, what do you think are the strong points in the local scene and which ones perhaps need a change?

– Without a doubt, any project or movement in the city is important for the scene, from a club of 2000 people in the outskirts, to a small group of friends discovering music around a Wonderboom in the new central park. At the end of the day, everything adds up, and it is in the links between these groups that the scene of a city begins to become great.
– And which ones need changes? I believe that everything needs continuous change, that is what evolution is based on, and if we want to grow we have to be willing to change.

This Tuesday with the magical date 2/22/22 you released your EP Jadees in a limited edition of 222 units. Tell us a little more about the work and the inspiration behind it?

– Actually I had already finished this EP years ago. The last song I composed of the three is Sudden Change and it was in May 2020.
The reason for choosing this magical date… It seems that the whole universe was conspiring so that it would be at that precise moment when my first work saw the light, so I feel that the date chose me. In mid-January I entered an episode of stress, with a lot of anxiety, crying… and I did not understand the reasons very well… I took a weekend of reflection and connection with my past and then it came to me, I saw it clearly: On 2/22/22 I release my first EP, whatever it may be. I assure you that it was something very spiritual and it is something difficult to convey in an interview. But I will tell you that it has been one of the most important moments of my life.

We are at the beginning of a year that promises much after the times of the pandemic. Can you reveal some of your plans to us?

– At the moment I can say that this year there will be a couple of remixes released, one of them on vinyl and the other on digital. And on the other hand there is an EP on vinyl that if all goes well will be available by the end of the year, which comes from a new label and with a very powerful remix. I can’t say more, that we lose the surprise factor… hahaha

Where would you like to see yourself in a panorama of 5, 10 years?

– My best scenario would be to be able to live 100% of the music. For everything else, I like to enjoy the passing of the days and let myself go.

And now…if you could give yourself one piece of advice in the past, what would it be? What would you have done differently in your musical career having the knowledge you have now?

– “Make a backup!”, “Create a time machine!”, “Buy another hard drive now!”. Hahahahaha
It is the only thing that I would like to change from the past in this entire race; being able to preserve the first works, those first raps, my first rhythms… Everything else has been as it should be, I’m sure.

Quick questions:

Recent artistic discovery?
Right now I’m freaking out with Yussef Dayes.
Favorite production gear?
No, impossible.. Hahaha
I like everything!
The best place for the party?
La Casola
The best place to relax?
Mountains, the deeper the better.
If you could choose a DJ to share the booth with… who would it be?
My brothers from the Oven Crew

Thank you very much, a pleasure to have you 🙂

Thanks to you for opening the doors of HD to me and thanks to everyone who is reading us.❤️

Discover Sueezo’s latest and get your copy of Jadees EP here.

22222 words with Sueezo

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